The Great Lakesmen

The Great Lakesmen. Lost without their brother Supi(seen pictured above with the beard), trying to regain the success they had when they were filling arenas, football stadiums, hearts and minds of millions young and old. Trying to find it in the dive bars and senior centers they can only get booked at now. If only they could find Supi...

Rare Demos

All Tracks by The Great Lakesmen

Drivin' - Written by Sean Hughes

Drawing You Out - Written by Shelby Turner

With My Friends Around - Written by Max Wirt

Dreams - Written by Derek Hain

Hymn of the Great Lakes - Written by Shelby Turner

Find You (Song of the Mellotron) - Written by Sean Hughes

Memories Along the Shore - Written by Derek Hain

Music Show - Written by Shelby Turner

Stand on the Sand(Instrumental) - Written by Sean Hughes

Hey Kid - Written by Max Wirt

Bully - Written by Shelby Turner

Hymn of the Great Lakes

though these landlocked lands stretch far and wide
there are bodies great inside
and though either coast has much to boast
you won't find me by their side

with placid tides and choppy wake
but water doesn't alone make
one must walk on every inch of shore
to know how great the lakes

from the city skylines at every port
to the frosty woods up north
to every vessel lost at lake
and their brave crews died aboard

erie huron superior
ontario michigan
even to sing their names is not the same
as to know how great the lakes

california's golden shores may call
of florida sun i'm aware
the only beach for me isn't by the sea
for salt water i don't care

majestic dunes beneath my feet
and cool wind in my hair
a great lakesman i have always been
and i'll always be there

Photos by Mike Oleon